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Dear visitors,

I would like to express my most cordial welcome to the website of Castellani Abbigliamento, a virtual showcase for the shop that my father, Cesare Castellani, opened in Milan in 1935, offering his refined clientele tailored suits and shirts made by the best craftsmen working in the city at the time. So much has changed since then, but the unrivalled taste of classic clothing continues to be met by Castellani with the quality guaranteed by the most prestigious Italian brands that we proudly offer in our store, such as Brioni and Kiton, that greatly contribute to the reputation of our "Made in Italy" in the world. Despite the profound changes in the urban scenario and in the commercial environment of the old town centre of Milan, the Castellani store is still today a reference point for the marvellous Piazza Meda, in the name of tradition and continuity, along with only a few other historic Milanese businesses, thus confirming an unchanged appreciation of our customers, which makes us particularly proud. Set between the famous fashion district known as ‘the quadrilateral’, the Teatro alla Scala and Corso Matteotti, the Piazza Filippo Meda hosts on its grassy hillock the "Disco" by Arnaldo Pomodoro, an iconic metallic sculpture which hides a heart of spherical, cubic and cylindrical gears that split and recompose themselves, making more striking the contrast with the Renaissance buildings, full of arcades, arches and large doors that overlook the Piazza. The recent excavations conducted in the square have also brought to light findings of historical-archaeological interest, important vestiges of the late imperial age (4th century AD) that suggest the presence in the area of artisan laboratories, leather goods tanneries and workshops, thus confirming that the city identity was indeed born in this part of the ancient Mediolanum.

Castellani is proud of its prestigious and fascinating location, right under the porticoes of the square, in front of the "Disco". The store is known as one of the most appreciated points of sale in Italy of Brioni and Kiton, not only for the vast range of available products, but also for the added value of the courtesy and helpfulness of its employees.

Our store is defined by the unchanged objective of providing an unparalleled level of personalized service tailored to the customer, understood in his special uniqueness as an individual, bearer of tastes and preferences to be enhanced and satisfied, outside of standard commercial logic tending towards uniformity and conformity.

Even with the conviction, dictated to me by age and experience, that a fuller expression of human relations can only be found with direct personal contact, I am pleased to open this website, designed as a "virtual" meeting place for those of you who may want to visit us, keep in touch with the store or learn about our promotions and news, surfing the net at any latitude in the world! I therefore invite you to write us an e-mail at for any information, order, suggestion: orders on the internet will be delivered with the shipping methods indicated on this site, the usual ad hoc service and preferential rates.

I take this opportunity to cordially greet you, with the hope of making your acquaintance online or in person at the store, along with my partner and lifelong friend Andrea Vacca, and our employees Luca, Alberto and Natalia.

Giulio Castellani